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Advantages of 3-D CAD Detailing

  • Ability to take control of the project from the start, & coordinate with other mechanical trades. 

(Mechanical Room at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

  • Exceeds most job coordination requirements, thus freeing up the on-site foreman for other critical duties.

  • Reduces the time required to coordinate pre-construction.  

  • Virtual models make it easier to route duct, check clearances, draw obstructions, and perform collision checks.

  • Provides accurate isometric or section views of mechanical rooms, shaft, & duct systems.

  • Provides an audit trail of fitting downloads, duct accessories, & round duct and fittings.

  • Ability to download duct and fittings to coil line and plasma cutters.

  • Error checking facilities includes collision checks with 3-D plots of structural steel, ductwork, cable trays, piping mains, & more.

  • Provides field plans that have all the fabricated pieces numbered.

  • Drawings that more accurately reflect real field conditions, but also conform to your own shop fabrication standards.

  • Redrawing also allows the detailer the opportunity to simplify the duct design and eliminate costly, complex fittings.